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SMARTLINE informs the utility of a transmission line’s true power handling capacity.

SMARTLINE-TCF – Transmission Capacity Forecasting

The SMARTLINE-TCF platform develops highly accurate forecasts of transmission line power carrying capacity. The platform ensures capacity forecasts comply with electrical clearance limits while at the same time avoiding conductor thermal limits. Forecasts can be provided in one-hour to one-week increments with 98% or better confidence. SMARTLINE-TCF is ideal for engineering, operations, and planning functions, as well as for integration with EMS systems in both day-ahead and real-time markets.

SMARTLINE-DLR: Next Generation DLR

Dynamic line rating has always had one meaning: What is a line’s maximum instantaneous current carrying capacity while ensuring no thermal damage occurs. SMARTLINE-DLR can provide either this traditional – and basic – DLR or a more operationally useful clearance-enhanced DLR. SMARTLINE-TCF is built upon the clearance enhanced DLR of SMARTLINE-DLR.


SMARTLINE is a learning-based system that makes extensive use of statistical correlation and forecasting techniques to actively learn over time how line behavior varies with weather and load. This reliability-based nature means you can depend upon SMARTLINE as it uses the right data to provide reliable results. After learning, SMARTLINE can provide forecasts of capacity from an hour to days in advance.

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